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I had invited Guru Ji for Vastu Visit for my Factory. He told me such things that no  Vastu Expert or Vastu Consultant had ever told me before…
Manoj Radadiya –Factory Owner, Surat, Gujarat, India.

My name is Meena Patel, residing in Pune, Maharashtra & running a successful Business of Cloth Printing, My Business was not doing well, One day I went through his Website & took telephonic consultation from Shashtri Ji. He changed the Spelling of the Name of my Company after seeing my Horoscope. I saw the results in just 4 months & now I get orders from abroad also. You are my God.
Meena Patel – Cloth designer,

I was having many problems regarding my career for the last few years, one of my friend suggested me to get consultation from astrologer Guru Ji. Last year I consulted Astrologer Guru Ji and he suggested me some remedies and gave two gemstones to wear, trust me with in few months I got  positive results and almost my career problems solved. Thanks to Shashtri Ji by heart.
Dikshita Sharma,–Noida, India.

I am Bharat Thakkor from Ahmedabad. met Guru ji at the time when I was in catastrophe. He took birth  details of both (my and my wife) and calculate accordingly and suggest me some remedies and stone.  What ever he told about my past is 90% correct. I admited his remedies and weared the stone in suggested metal and happend like miracle and get releif and power to fight against situation.
Bharat Thakkor,- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

I am visited astro mangal with my business problems with the hope that I can get an appropriate solution. Pandit Ji understood my problems completely. I was in a complete mess and had been in a fix from all the tow sides. Today, binjan Group has 5 factories, earlier it had only 2.This is doing puja Guruji has done to my business. I am so happy and so many thank you for the help. Whatever I do, I take the advice of pandit ji.

Suresh Gupta, USA